Antone's: Home of the Blues

The Director

Dan Karlok

Dan Karlok is an award-winning cinematographer and director. He has won two Emmys for directing and producing the Asleep At the Wheel longform documentary, "Ride With Bob." He was also nominated for a Grammy for the same project.

His work has been honored at the MCA-1 Awards, the New York Film Festival, the Worldfest Film Festival, film festivals in Chicago, Charleston, Houston, and other professional events. He has also directed an episode of the NBC-TV series "Law and Order."

His most recent shoot is the feature film, "The Last Request," starring Danny Aeillo.

DIRECTOR'S STATEMENT on Antone's: Home of the Blues

I was lucky to grow up with a brother 7 years my elder. My mother made him take me to a concert when I was 9 years old, and then I realized that the only thing that would have a lasting impression on me was the music.

My mom was a blues singer in the 1940's. My brother and I both play bass in different blues bands. My life long love affair with music, especially the blues, was a great catalyst for the project I was chosen to direct, "Antone's: Home of the Blues."

I'd been traveling to Austin, Texas for the last 18 years doing music related film projects. One place that I frequented many times when in Austin was Antone's. If anyone had told me back then that I would be shooting a documentary on this club that has been home to so many blues artists, my jaw would have dropped open.

It seems to be fated that I became involved in this project. It was almost tailor made for me.

This documentary is important to me because of its historical importance and the fact that these originators of some of the greatest music of our generation needed to be recognized for their amazing contributions. Clifford Antone and his club also need to be recognized for their dedication and the respect which was given to these blues artists at a time when they were not getting it from anywhere else.

This documentary is structured like a blues song. The progressions of the story, which are the chords, tell the story of Clifford and the club; this is the melody. Interspersed into the structure are the individual bios of the different artists; these are the solos. Each artist gets to step center stage and have the spotlight for a moment or two. Each gets their solo, which is part of a bigger tapestry that highlights the 29 years Antone's has been open for business.

If you are a blues fan, you'll love this documentary. If you love music, then you will become a blues fan. If you are not a lover of music or the blues, then join us in this adventure that has taken us for a ride these last 12 months into the blues, and your life will change forever.

Like we say...

Blues may not get you into heaven,
      But it will drop you at the front door.


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