Antone's: Home of the Blues

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Photographs from the Premier Showing & Concert
SXSW March 2004

Film Premier Night...

Paramount Theater, Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas

Premier Showing at SXSW Film Festival

Clifford, Pinetop Perkins & Kim Wilson arrive in style.

Executive Producer Lucky Tomblin arrives.

Director Dan Karlok grants an interview.

Clifford remembers "how it was" to the reporters.

The audience inside the Paramount Theater.

Lucky and Clifford discuss the film with the panel of blues masters.

Clifford and Kim Wilson - feeling the friendship.

Pinetop Perkins, Calvin "Fuzz" Jones, and Willie "Big Eye" Smith.


After the premier showing, the party moved to Antone's Blues Club on 5th Street.

Clifford proudly introduces his hero, Pinetop Perkins to the audience.

Willie "Big Eye" Smith and Pinetop in the groove.

Kim Wilson

Lou Ann Barton

Jimmie Vaughan

Lou Ann and Kim. What did she just say?

Jimmie and Derek.

Blues guitar master Derek O'Brien hears an aside from future star Eve Monsees.

Angela Strehli back for the reunion concert.

Willie "Big Eye" Smith


Antone's: Home of the Blues premier at the Alamo Drafthouse.


Susan Antone, Sugar Bear, Lucky Tomblin,Clifford and Dan Karlok at the Austin Convention Center.

Photos by Sarah Kerver

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